Platform For Africa Expansion

Vision and Mission

Since Copper Quail was established in 2016, our main objective has been to supply essential skills and training across the African Continent and throughout the world. Over the years our team has work hard to find the “Best in Industry” skills for our clients as well as develop skills within countries.

Our Long-term Vision, however, is to support the growth, training and development of merging markets with high levels of trust, integrity and respect. We believe in building long term partnerships with our clients and travelling the enhancement journey together.

Copper Quail offers blue chip companies Executive Search for Senior Board Members, Executives and Management. We provide this work on an Exclusive only basis and work with members of your organization to better understand your company. These roles are generally highly confidential and discretion is our utmost.

Our Executive Team will get a full understanding of the culture within your organization to find the right individual that will fit right into the organization. Armed with this information they will do extensive market research and provide a list of potential individuals for approval and then target those individuals for the role.

An upfront initiation fee is charged for this service and the balance on completion of the successful placement of the individual within your organization.


It is said a Headhunter goes where Angels fear to tread! That’s because Headhunters take a head on approach to finding the right people and find that needle in a hay stack. Similar to the executive search without the market research, the Headhunters are actively networking with individuals in their respective industry focus 24/7.

Our Headhunters will get a better understanding of your organization and go through the job specification thoroughly to better understand the type of individual you require for your open vacancy. Typical time from engagement through to first delivery of candidates can be as fast as 2-3 weeks.

A percentage fee is only charged on the successful placement of an individual within your organization.

Contingency Recruitment

Our Recruitment Consultant will get a better understanding of your organization and the type of individual you are looking for.

Contingency Recruitment follows traditional recruitment methods of placing job ads and screening of potential candidates for your open vacancy. A slower approach to the recruitment cycle but the perfect way to draw new talent by opening up to the masses.

A percentage fee is only charged on the successful placement of an individual within your organization.

Outsourced Employment / Temporary Contract workers – (Locals & Expatriates)

Copper Quail Global offer a full turnkey solution, where we will search and find local or expat skills across Africa. Copper Quail work closely with their partners to arrange work permits, deal with relocation and running of contractor’s payrolls for short term or long-term projects. Copper Quail will also ensure that the taxation and compliance laws of the perspective countries are implemented and adhered to.

Training & Executive Mentorship

Copper Quail is passionate about training across the African continent and we assist companies in breaking the barriers with simple and effective training techniques.

Softs skills in many of the African countries is somewhat lacking and not due to anyone’s fault. A simple example of this is “communication” within the organization. Simple communications within the working environment can make or break the best of the best organizations. Without it you are nowhere and we simply teach effective communication skills as one of the many training materials we have.

We have a Team of trainers who have taught across the world and worked with some of the biggest companies globally.